Notes: I switched out aqua boy for survival. I did this as the campaign I am running has very little water, and I think survival is more universally beneficial in most campaigns.

Local leader was also removed for similar reasons.

Questions to watch for playtest:

Carryover of attack vs threshold dice?
HP pool: too large/small?
Burst Fire?
Luck to critical ratio?
Int dice pool: act more like edge from shadiwrun? Worried that because much higher number are possible (upwards of 20) may very well be too strong.
Action Points? Action boy too strong? Cost too high?

% Dice
Switch % base kickers to sacrificing hits? For instance, to activate disarm sacrifice 3 hits. Obviously you must still hit. Takes D100 out of the system and gives players more control.? Hmmm

Gives single shot weapons an edge over other fire types, bit unfairly so? Lower damage vs more status Effects or vice versa. May be good for burst weapons too. Or could make it increase total threshold?

Criticals: make number of 6 be critical rather than holding crits?

Fallout Revised