Weapon Mods

To find the crafting needed for each mod and the components need click on the Weapons Link and find the weapon you wish to modify. It should have crafting requirements, components and mods available for that weapon. If not let me know and I will find it for you.

Below all the modifications are definitions of the terms in the chart below.



Mod Name Type DV AP Rate Of Fire Range Critical Damage Notes
Light Receiver -1
Heavy Receiver +1
Calibrated Receiver +5
Hardened Receiver +1
Automatic Receiver +1 -2 -2
Armor Piercing Automatic Receiver +1 -2 -1 -2
Rapid/Hair Trigger Receiver +1
Powerful Receiver +2
Hardened Automatic Receiver +1 -1 -2
Rapid Automatic Receiver +1 -2 +1 -2
Calibrated Powerful Receiver +2 +5 +1 accuracy
Hardened Piercing Auto Receiver +1 -1 -2 -1
Advanced Receiver +3 +1
Powerful Automatic Receiver +1 +1 -1
45 Receiver +4 +1
38 Receiver -2
308 Receiver +4 +1
50 Receiver +4 +1


Barrel Range Recoil Accuracy HFA Aim Notes
Short/Standard Barrel Medium Spread
Stub Barrel -1 +1 -1
Short Light Barrel +1
Sawed Off Barrel -2 Wide Spread. +5 Critical Damage
Long Barrel +1 +1 -1 +1 Narrow Spread
Long Light Barrel +2 +1 -1 +1
Ported Barrel +2
Vented Barrel +3 +3 -3
Short Ported Barrel +3 Medium Spread
Long Ported Barrel +2 +2 -2 +2 Narrow Spread
Long Light Ported Barrel +2 +1
Long Finned Barrel +2 +2 +2

Grip All grips make the weapon a pistol, while all stocks make them a rifle. Pistols do strength in gun bashing damage and have an accuracy of 1. Rifle gun bashing does (strength+1) and has an accuracy of 2. They both have a speed of slow.

Grip Recoil HFA Aim VATS
Standard grip
Comfort Grip +1 +1
Standard Stock
Sharpshooter’s Grip +2 +2 +1
Short Stock +1
Full Stock +1 +1
Marksman Stock +2 +2
Recoil Compensating Stock +3 +1

Magazine Magazines offer different ammo capacities based on the weapon type. They can be found under the weapon at Fallout wiki (link above). Otherwise magazine only affects reload speed.

Magazine Reload Speed
Standard 3
Large Magazine 4
Quick Eject Magazine 2
Large Quick Eject Magazine 3
Drum Magaizne 5
Quick Eject Drum Magazine 4

Scope The bonuses conferred by a scope only apply when aiming.

Scope MP to Aim AIM Range Increase Darkness Penalty Reduction Notes
Standard 3
Glow Sights 3 -1
Reflex Sight 2
Glow Reflex Sight 2 -1
Short Scope 3 +1 +2
Medium Scope 4 +1 +4
Long Scope 5 +1 +6
Short Nightvision Scope 3 +1 +2 -2
Medium Nightvision Scope 4 +1 +4 -2
Long Nightvision Scope 5 +1 +6 -2
Short Recon Scope 3 +2 +2
Long Recon Scope 5 +2 +6


Muzzle Bash Damage Bash Accuracy Bash AP Recoil Range Notes
Small Bayonet +1 +2 -1 -1 Speed of medium.
Large Bayonet +2 +2 -1 -2 Speed of Medium. Reach of 1 for gun bashing.
Compensator +1 -1 Reduce noise penalty by 1 if trying to remain hidden while firing
Muzzle Break +2 -2 Reduce noise penalty by 2 if trying to remain hidden while firing
Silencer +3 -3 Reduce noise penalty by 3 if trying to remain hidden while firing. Activates Mister sandman perk when equipped.

Railway Rifle: Use barrel, stock, Sights and muzzle from above.

Receiver Type Range
Standard SS
Automatic Piston Receiver SA -3

Energy Weapons

Energy Weapons use the same grips and scopes as conventional firearms.

Capacitor Damage Accuracy Range Chance to Catch Fire Critical Damage Notes
Photon Exciter +1 +5
Beta Wave Tuner +1 9%
Boosted Capacitor +1 Reduces Ammo Capacity
Photon Agitator +1 +10 Increases Ammo Capacity
Gamma Wave Emitter +1 18% Increases Ammo Capacity
Maximized Capacitor +2
Boosted Photon Agitator +1 +1 +10 Increases Ammo Capacity
Boosted Gamma Wave Emitter +1 +1 27% Increases Ammo Capacity
Overcharged Capacitor +3 Increases Ammo Capacity
Barrel Type Damage Range Aim Hip Fire Recoil Notes
Short Barrel
Long Barrel +1 +1 +1 -2 +1 Reduces Ammo Capacity
Flamer Barrel 1 -6 Converts to a flame thrower. Fires in wide spread, Up to 12 shots per round.
Automatic Barrel +1 +1 +1 -2 -2 Reduces Ammo Capacity
Sniper Barrel +2 +2 -2 -2 Reduces Ammo Capacity
Improved Short Barrel +1
Improved Long Barrel +1 +1 +1 -1 +1 Reduce Ammo Capacity
Improved Automatic Barrel +1 +1 +1 +1 -1 -1 Reduces Ammo Capacity
Improved Sniper Barrel +3 +2 -1 -2 Reduces Ammo Capacity


Muzzle Accuracy Range Recoil Notes
Beam Splitter -2 -3 Medium Spread
Beam Focuser +1 +1 +1
Gyro Compensating Lense -1 +3
Amplified Beam Splitter -1 -2 Medium Spread
Fine Tuned Beam Focuser +3 +3
Quantum Gyro Compensating Lense -1 +5

Laser Musket: Use Stock, Sights and Muzzle from above.

Slot Mod Cranks Range Damage AIM Hip Fire Notes
Capacitor Standard 2
Capacitor Three Crank Capacitor 3
Capacitor Four Crank Capacitor 4
Capacitor Five Crank Capacitor 5
Capacitor Six Crank Capacitor 6
Barrel Short Barrel
Barrel Extended Short Barrel +2 Loses Muzzle Slot
Barrel Bracketed Short Barrel +1
Barrel Long Barrel +1 +1 +1 -2
Barrel Extended Long Barrel +2 +1 +1 -1 Loses Muzzle Slot
Barrel Bracketed Long Barrel +2 +1 +1 -1

Gamma Gun Use grip under firearms above.

Slot Mods Range Damage Notes
Dish Standard
Dish Deep Dish +1 +2
Muzzle Electric Signal Carrier Antena Converts to 6 Electric and 6 Radiation
Muzzle Signal Repeater Changes to automatic

Gauss Rifle Use stock, Sights and barrel under firearms above.

Slot Mod Range Damage Ammo Capacity
Barrel Standard
Barrel Shielded +1 +1
Capacitor Half Capacitor
Capacitor Full Capacitor +1 +3
Capacitor Capacitor Boosting Coil +2 +13

Heavy Weapons

All heavy weapons have a bashing damage of (strength+3), an accuracy of 2, a reach of 1, and a speed of slow.


Slot Modification Hip Fire Recoil Notes
Barrel Standard
Barrel Light +1
Grip Standard
Steady Grip +1 +1
Cannister Standard Shot Cannister
Canister Multi Shot Canister Increases Ammo Capacity by 2.

Cryolater : Use the stock and sight entries from under firearms above. The following is the barrel upgrade:

Barrel Damage Range Notes
Crystalizing Barrel 7 Cold and 7 Physical +5 Becomes an SA firing weapon. 1 cell per shot. Bursts 1 hex radius around it. 18% chance to freeze.


Launcher Notes
Mirv Launcher An experimental modification


Slot Modification Name Damage Range Reload Notes
Tank Standard
Tank Napalm Tank +.25
Barrel Standard
Barrel Long +1
Propellant Tank Standard
Propellant Tank Large 5 MP +100 Ammo Capacity
Propellant Tank Huge 7 MP +300 Ammo Capacity
Nozzle Standard
Nozzle Compresion +.5 -1
Nozzle Vaporization +1 -2

Gatlin Laser: For scopes use the scopes off firearms above. For the muzzle use muzzles off of energy weapons above.

Capacitor Damage Accuracy Range Chance to Catch Fire Critical Damage Notes
Photon Exciter +1 +5
Beta Wave Tuner +1 7%
Boosted Capacitor +.05
Photon Agitator +1 +10
Gamma Wave Emitter +1 14%
Maximized Capacitor +.1
Boosted Photon Agitator +.05 +1 +10
Boosted Gamma Wave Emitter +.05 +1 21%
Overcharged Capacitor +.15
Barrel Damage Range Notes
Charging Barrel +.1 +1 Maximum shots per round reduced by 10.

Junk Jet: For the barrel and grip use the ones of the same name as under firearms above.

Slot Modification Name AIM Notes
Scope Standard Sights
Scope Gunner Sight +1
Muzzle None
Muzzle Electrification Module Adds 4 DV of electric damage
Muzzle Ignition Module Adds 4 DV of fire damage. 15% chance to catch fire


Slot Modification Name AIM DV Range Accuracy Recoil Notes
Barrel Standard
Barrel Accelerated +.05 -1 -1 +10 rate of fire
Barrel Tri Barrel +.15 +1 +1 +1 -10 rate of fire
Muzzle No Muzzle
Muzzle Shredder -2 Increase bashing damage and accuracy by 2 each.
Scope Standard Sights
Scope Gunner Sight +1

Missile Launcher

Slot Modification Ammo Capacity AIM Accuracy Notes
Barrel Standard
Barrel Tri Barrel +2
Barrel Quad Barrel +3
Scope Standard
Scope Scope Use firearm long scope
Scope Nightvision Scope Use firearm Long Nightvision Scope
Scope Targeting As a full round action you may lock onto a target gaining a +10 to accuracy. As a free action you may fire! WIN!
Muzzle None
Muzzle Bayonet +2 to damage and accuracy with a bash. Reach becomes 2. Range drops by 2.
Muzzle Stabilizer +1 Range -1

Melee Weapons

Weapon Mod DV AP Bleed Electrical Cripple Extra Limb Damage Notes
Chinese Officers Sword Serrated Blade +3 4
Chinese Officers Sword Electrified Blade 5
Chinese Officers Sword Serrated Electrified Blade +3 4 5
Combat Knife Serrated Blade +3 3
Combat Knife Stealth Blade +3 3 +5 DV on a sneak attack
Machete Serrated Blade +3 4
Revolutionary Sword Serrated Blade +3 4
Revolutionary Sword Electrified Blade 5
Revolutionary Sword Stun Pack 5 5% chance to stun
Ripper Curved Blade +1 5% chance of disarm
Ripper Extended Blade +3 3
Shishkebab Extra Flame Jets +5 Fire DV
Switch Blade Serrated Blade +3 3
Baseball bat Barbed +1 -1
Baseball bat Spiked +1 -2
Baseball bat Sharp +1 5
Baseball bat Chain Wrapped +3
Baseball bat Bladed +3 5
Baseball Bat Aluminum +1 This is a material upgrade, and can be combined with other upgrades
Board Spiked +1 -1
Board Puncturing +2 -1
Board Bladed +3 5
Lead Pipe Spiked +1 -1
Lead Pipe Heavy +3 5% +1
Pipe Wrench Hooked +1 5% chance to disarm
Pipe Wrench Heavy +2 +1
Pipe Wrench Puncturing +2 -1
Pipe Wrench Extra Heavy +2 5% +1
Pool Cue Barbed +1 -1
Pool Cue Sharp +1 5
Rolling Pin Sharp +1 4
Rolling Pin Spiked +1 -1
Rolling Pin Aluminum +1 This is a material upgrade, and can be combined with other upgrades
Baton Electrified 5
Baton Stun Pack 5 5% chance to stun
Sledgehammer Puncturing +2 -1
Sledgehammer Heavy +3 5% +1
Super sledge Heating Coil Add 5 DV fire damage
Super Sledge Stun Pack 5 5% chance to stun
Tire Iron Bladed +3 4
Walking Cane Barbed +1 -1
Walking Cane Spiked +1 -2


Weapon Mod DV AP Bleed Cripple Extra Limb Damage Notes
Boxing Gloves Spiked +1 -1
Boxing Gloves Puncturing +2 -1
Boxing Gloves Lead Lining +2 5% +1
Deathclaw Gaunlet Extra Claw +1 5% chance to disarm
Knuckles Sharp +1 4
Knuckles Spiked +1 -1
Knuckles Puncturing +2 -1
Knuckles Bladed +3 5
Power Fist Puncturing +2 -1
Power Fist Heating Coil Add 5 DV fire damage

Type: This raises or lowers the firing type of this weapon. It goes Single Shot(SS) → Semi-automatic(SA) → Automatic(Auto) → Full Auto (FA).

DV: This alters the Damage Value (DV) of the weapon.

AP: This alters the armor piercing (AP) of the weapon.

Rate Of Fire: This does not change the type of the weapon but increases the number of shots. SS and SA weapons go up by 1 shot. AUTO goes up by 3 shots. FA goes up by 5.

Range: You increase or decrease the weapon range by the listed amount.

Critical Damage: This increases the Critical Damage of the weapon by the listed amount.

Recoil: This increases or decreases the recoil by the listed amount.

Accuracy: This increases or decreases the accuracy of the weapon.

HFA: This affects accuracy when firing from the hip (not aiming or using VATS.

Aim: This affects accuracy when aiming.

VATS: This affects accuracy when using VATS.

Reload Speed This is how many MP are needed to reload.

MP to Aim: How many MP it takes to aim.

Penalty Reduction: This is the amount of Penalty you reduce when aimimg. If you are taking a per shot penalty (such as targeted shots) you can reduce the penalty for each shot by this number.

Range of Penalty Reduction This is the range at which you reduce the penalties from above, when aiming.

Darkness Penalty Reduction When aiming, you reduce the penalties to darkness by this amount, if the attack is within your range of Penalty Reduction above.

Bash Damage: How much damage you do if your bashing.

Bash Accuracy: Accuracy if bashing.

Bash AP: AP if bashing.

Chance to Catch Fire: Chance of catching an opponent on fire per attack.

Cranks How many Cranks you can give the musket.

Bleed: The weapon does this much bleed damage.

Electrical: The weapon add this much electrical damage on top of its base physical.

Cripple: This is the chance to automatically cripple a limb.

Extra Limb Damage Attacks with this weapon that target a limb deal an extra one damage that does not need to be rolled, to the targeted limb.

Weapon Mods

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