Beta Software

You have been equipped with a experimental operating system and peripherals. You get a +4 to detection, but whenever using any attack you must succeed on a threshold 2 luck check and if you fail you must spend 1 AP to make that attack. If you cannot or choose not to you cannot make the attack.


A lot slower, but a little bigger. You gain a +1 to strength, but you always act last in initiative and your endurance is considered one less for determining how far you sprint per AP.


You gain an extra 5 hit points, but your agility is reduced by 1.

Built To Destroy

The flamer that burns twice as bright burns half as long. You deal an additional 5 DV on critical hits, but your action points are reduced by 8.


You have a fear of enclosed spaces (probably because of the mutants that live there). You gain +1 to strength, perception, and agility attributes when outside, but suffer a -1 to those attributes when indoors or in a vehicle. Robots don’t have fears.


You have undergone extensive house training and have developed an above average Intelligence. Your IN is raised by 2, but not above the racial maximum, but you get a -2 penalty to Melee DV. Only Deathclaws and Dogs can choose this trait.

Doubled Vital Equipment

You have two sets of vital internal machinery. This makes you able to sustain more damage but makes you less agile. Your HP gained per level is + .5 but your agility is lowered by 2 and your carry weight is lowered to 75 + 5 per strength. Robots only.


You were born with the most common mutation in the wasteland, dwarfism. Your teensy stature causes you to have -2 AG and -1 CH, and these lower your racial maximums. However, you also gain +1 EN and the threshold to hit you increases by 1, even when standing on the shoulders of a sweetly retarded giant.

EMP Shielding

You have a dedicated EMP shielding system. It takes you 2 MP to move 1 hex and you reduce your sprint speed by 3 because of your heavy equipment, but you can apply half your energy resistance to electricity and EMP attacks. Only Robots can choose this trait.


Due to radiation that twisted your mind you are able to feel other people feeling much better than others. When you are in dialogue the GM must warn you if you are going to say something that can be taken poorly, and may drop hints from your empathy. Unfortunately you aren’t as bright and lose 1 point of intelligence. Robots and dogs cannot take this trait.

Fast Shot

You don’t have time for a targeted attack, because you attack faster than normal people. You can fire all firearms one additional time per round, but you cannot make targeted shots or aim at all. Animals cannot choose this trait.


Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don’t do as much damage, but you cause more critical hits. All of your attacks have their damage value decreased by 2, but your critical chance is increased by 8%. Super mutants cannot take this perk.


Smarts never was a problem for you, even more – you love it. You treat your INT as one point higher for all purposes having to do with smarts, but you can’t take this trait unless your INT is at 10 (or racial maximum) and any perk with a level requirement has that requirement raised by 1. Dogs and robots cannot be genius.


You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent as much time honing your skills. You gain 3 extra SPECIAL to distribute, but Whenever using a SPECIAL in a skill context it’s value is decreased by 1. Using strength for carrying capacity, perception to detect, lock pick or pick pocket, Endurance for sprinting, charisma for bartering and diplomacizing, intelligence for hacking, agility for sneaking and luck for critical chance.

Glowing One

Extreme radiation exposure has left you glowing in the dark. Your glow eliminates one level of modifiers from light in combat for both you and your enemies. In addition, you gain a +5 bonus to Radiation Resistance, but everyone around you takes 10 rads per hour. Only Ghouls can choose this trait.

Good Natured

You studied less-combative skills as you were growing up. Your racial maximum for charisma and intelligence are raised by 1. Unfortunately, your racial limits for strength, endurance, agility and perception are each lowered by 1. Dogs and robots cannot be good natured.

Ham Fisted

Genetic engineering – or dumb luck – has endowed you with huge hands. You increase your DV by 2 with unarmed attacks, but you suffer a 2 dice penalty to Ranged Weapons skills, Hacking, and Lockpick Skills. Only Super Mutants can choose this trait.

Heavy Handed

You swing harder, not better. Your attacks are very brutal, but lack finesse. You rarely cause a good critical hit, but you always do more melee damage. You deal +2 DV with unarmed and melee attacks. Your lack of finesse decreases your chance to cause a critical by half (minimum 1%) and reduces your critical Damage by half (rounded down).


Your carry weight is increased by 40 lbs, but you take a -1 to agility.


By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot faster in a turn. The threshold to hit you is always 1 lower, but you gain 10 extra dice to your pool for initiave.

Loose Cannon

From frag grenades to molotovs, you can throw weapons for 1 MP less than normal, but your maximum range for all throwing weapons are cut in half. This penalty does not apply to melee weapons with reach.

One Hander

One of your hands is very dominant. You excel with single-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons cause a problem. Choose one arm. When using a one handed weapon in this arm, you gain a +1 to your accuracy pool. When firing a two handed weapon or a one handed weapon in the other hand you suffer a -2 to your accuracy pool.


You are a half-crazed, feral killing machine. You are not affected by crippled limbs, and every time you kill an opponent in combat, you recover 1 AP. Chems, including stimpaks and healing powder, have no effect on you. Only Deathclaws and Dogs can choose this trait.


Well you were born “a bit radiated”, but you are not a ghoul (however you are still far from being beautiful). You have 3 fewer SPECIAL to distribute than normal. The radiation you have acts as a sort of shield, increasing the threshold to hit you by 1. Additionally radiation has somehow affected your brain and you gain one extra use of smarts per day.

Red Scare

You are paranoid in the extreme and think that everyone around you may be trying to do you in. You gain a +4 bonus to perception checks when used for detection, but your shaky nerves in combat give you a -1 accuracy penalty to hit. Animals and Robots aren’t scared of communist.

Sex Appeal

This trait increases your chances of having a good reaction with members of the attracted sex. Unfortunately, this trait tends to annoy members of the sex that finds you unattractive. When interacting with members of the attracted sex, you gain a 1-point bonus to Charisma. Unfortunately, when interacting with members of the unattractive sex, you take a 1 point penalty to Charisma.


Since you spend more time improving your skills than a normal person, you gain more skills. The tradeoff is that you do not gain as many extra abilities. Whenever using a SPECIAL in a skill context it’s value is increased by 1. Using strength for carrying capacity, perception to detect, lock pick or pick pocket, Endurance for sprinting costs, charisma for bartering and diplomacizing, intelligence for hacking, agility for sneaking and luck for criticals. The bad is all special function at 1 point less for non skill features. So strength for melee DV bonus, perception for accuracy bonus, intelligence for smarts, agility for action points and endurance for hit point gains.

Small Frame

You are not quite as big as everyone else, but that never slowed you down. You can’t carry as much, but you are more agile. You get a 1-point bonus to Agility, but your Carry Weight is only 75+ 5 lbs X Strength. Super Mutants cannot choose this trait.

Targeting Computer

You have been programmed with an on board targeting computer. All Vats, Power Attacks and Holding your breathe cost 1 extra AP to perform and aiming costs 1 MP more, but you can always add +1 to your accuracy. Only Robots can choose this trait.

Tight Nuts

This robot was built to take the knocks. You get +5 resistance to normal, energy and bleed resistance, but you gain only half the Hit Points back from repairs and gain only half the hit points from any source (leveling, upgrades, etc – but your initial starting HP’S are unchanged). Only Robots can choose this trait.

Tech Wizard

You spent your formative years hunched over a bench learning all about the way things work. The trouble is that you’ve ruined your eyes! You get a +2 bonus to Hacking and Lockpick skills, but you lose 1 Perception. 


You always loved to walk. This is more than just a hobby- it’s your lifestyle.You get +1 to Endurance and detection and gain 1 extra MP per round. But you can only pick the following perks – strongback, awareness, night person, all endurance perks, animal friend, party boy, wasteland whisperer, VANS, medic, sneak, moving target, fortune finder and scrounger. Robots do not know to travel.

Trigger Discipline

A little slower, but a lot more accurate. You can make one less attack with all guns per round(minimum 1), but you gain a +1 bonus on accuracy with them.

Vat Skin

Other people find you hideous to behold and disgusting to smell after your “dip” in the FEV vats. The good news is that you gain a +2 bonus to your normal and energy resistance thanks to your extra-tough skin. The bad news is that everyone within ten hexes of your location, friend and foe, suffers a 1-point penalty to Perception (including you) because of your awful stench and you are automatically detected if trying to sneak. Only Super Mutants can choose this trait.


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