Pip Boy 1000
Weight 5
Cost: 1700

A very early model Pip-boy, this one is actually hand held.it has a Geiger counter, a map and a light(7 Hexes) but it must be held in an off hand. It is impossible to use a 2 handed weapon while holding a Pip-boy 1000.

Lil Pip 3000
Weight 2
Cost: Generally considered priceless.

The pip boy has a Geiger counters, a radio, a map, a light (provides 7 hexes of illumination) and a holotape player. The Lil Pip 3000 is smaller than most other models, and less cumbersome on the wrist.

Geiger Counter
Weight 7 lbs.
Cost: 250 caps

A Geiger counter tells you about the radiation in your immediate area. It is considered inferior to a pip boy as it must be equipped, so cannot be used with 2 handed weapons. One Fusion Cell runs a Geiger counter for 1 day.

Weight 1 lb
Cost: 100 caps.

Flashlights illuminate 10 hexes, but only in the direction you are facing. They must be held, so cannot be used with 2 handed weapons. One Fusion Cell runs a flashlight for 8 hours.

Hooded Lantern
Weight: 2 lbs
Cost: 40 caps.

A hooded lantern gives off a soft Glow in a 4 hex radius. It must be held and cannot be used with 2 handed weapons. One unit of oil supplies the hooded lantern with 2 hours of use.

Nightvision Goggles:
Weight 4 lbs
Cost: 300 Caps

These Goggles take up the eyes slot, and reduce the darkness by one step. One Fusion Cell runs the Goggles for 15 minutes.

Stealth Boy:
Weight: 1 lb
Cost: 100 Caps

A stealth boy grants the user a Chameleon affect, granting him a +4 to stealth and increases the threshold to hit him by 1. A stealth boy lasts for 10 rounds (30 seconds)


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