Intelligence as XP

I had fully written the rules as intelligence as xp bonus before I decided a rewrite using Int as smarts pool and using an even level up. This is here for reference, and in case it is decided it may be better than a smarts pool, making it easier to recreate:


Intelligence and Experience As ones intelligence and experience gain can change drastically over the course of the session, the GM must account for this in your experience gain at the end of the session. This can be difficult as some effects can be very short lived. As such, some will be GM fiat. Basically it can be done in a few ways:
A) Determine roughly what the overall bonus should be given time. GM decides you were high on Mentats roughly a quarter of the time you earned xp, so you gain +1.5% (6/4) for the session.
B) Decide roughly how much of the mission you earned your bonus in. For instance, you drank some booze right before fighting some raiders, which was roughly a third of the earned xp. So you take the 3% penalty for a third of the xp earned.
C) In some cases the gm may need to adjust xp somewhat arbitrarily. For instance, you drank, took mentates and grape mentats multiple times. The GM roughly determines you earned about a 18% bonus and applies it to your experience.


Intelligence determines experience earened. For each point of intelligence you gain an additional 3% xp. So if you an Int of 1 and earn 100 xp you earn 103 xp. If your Int is 10 you earn 130 xp for that same 100!

Lastly luck grants you a pool of luck dice equal to your luck score. These dice can be spent on any action – hits, a stealth roll, damage, etc. You may use as many or as few extra dice as you want. For instance, with a luck of five you have 5 luck dice. You have a stealth roll you really need to make so you spend 3 luck dice. You would have 2 luck dice to use later. Luck dice renew at the beginning of every session, and any unspent luck dice are lost, they do not carry over.



Learning never was a problem for you, even more – you love it. You gain experience 6% faster (as if 2 extra points of intelligence) but you can’t take this trait unless your INT is at 10 (or racial maximum) and any perk with a level requirement has that requirement raised by 4. Dogs and robots cannot be genius.


You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent as much time honing your skills. You gain 5 extra SPECIAL to distribute, but you take a 25% penalty to your experience gained.

Perks – Luck

Name Rank Luck Requirement Level Requirement Description
Idiot Savant 1 5 There is an 11-Int% chance that when experience is earned you earn 60% more*
Idiot Savant 2 5 11 Bonus experience earned increases to 120%
Idiot Savant 3 5 34 Bonus experience is increased to 180%
  • You may choose to roll between 1 and 4 times each session. If you split it xp is split evenly between each roll.

Intelligence as XP

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